The Official TV Commercial

Football is the world’s greatest drama and FIFA 15 will put fans center stage.

FIFA 15’s TV ad, ‘Feel The Game’, featuring Barcelona star Leo Messi shows how players will be so close to the action they can literally feel every tackle, shot, and pass.

Immersed into the game’s world, FIFA fans experiencing everything that the players feel. Fans are plunged onto the pitch for an in-game view of the action, separated only by a thin television screen while the action also seeps into their environments; if it rains in game, it pours in their loft, and when a player receives a crunching tackle, the FIFA fan takes the impact and falls across the room.

Leo Messi plays too. Even one of the world’s greatest football players feels the same emotion playing FIFA 15 as he does in real-life matches.

Captured over a day’s filming in Barcelona, below you can see exclusive behind-the-scenes images of FIFA 15’s global cover star.

UTfifa15coins: How to Transfer FIFA 15 Coins?

Dear customers,

As our fifa 15 account is a Temporary Fifa 15 FUT Account, you need to transfer coins to your own account asap after you get the account details, if you still dont know how to transfer coins, pls check the following delivery methods.

For Example: (If you bought an 3M PS account)

Method One

This way is the fastest way to transfer the coins to your own account, but you have to own high quality player in this case.

Step1. eg if you have Sergio Ramos(88)(2000K-3000k), list him with the highest price to transfer market. Meanwhile take a note about your player details for easier check later( such as Number of Owners, Date Issued, Special Start Price and duration)

Step2. Loggin new account which you bought from us, after that searching the player you listed according to the previous written information. By this way, 3000K coins will be transfering to your own account. Of course it hasnt been done yet. 🙂

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Step4. Repeat those steps, and transfer the coins by each players price between lowest price and highest price to maximize the value.

Method Two

If you have no high quality player or coins to purchase some for the trade, pls refer the high-cost performance method listed below to transfer coins to your own, but it takes some time.

Step1. Select a proper one among the recommend player listed (majority of them could be bought with 200-800 coins. Such as Carlos Vela(83)(300 – 10K), please buy multiple same players and list them with same special start price, buynow price, and duration) for searching and buying them faster and eaiser.

Step2. Login your new account, search and buy those players you listed just now. For example, if you list 50 players, you will get 10K * 50 = 500K coins one time. After that relist them with the lowest price then relogin your own account and buy all of them. In this case, youre able to sell them with the highest price, for transfering 500k once, it will be finished after several times if you do so. ( Of course you could choose any other player and quantity.)

Note: If you cant get so many palyers, feel free to transfer coins by contracts, obviously it will take longer time.

Recommended Player: (Price Cap will change, for reference only)

  • Hulk
  • Carlos Vela
  • Cesc Fabregas
  • Carlos Vela
  • Raheem Sterling
  • Andros Townsend
  • Fabian Johnson
  • Kyle Walker
  • Gaël Clichy
  • Luis Pedro Cavanda
  • Kekuta Manneh
  • Mario Götze

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Behind the Scenes – April 2015 with Runescape

Aquarium (Members only)

Our big update this month is rather fishy… a little too fishy perhaps, but what else would you expect to find in your very own, customisable aquarium? One so big you can even dive into it yourself! It’s a brand new addition to your in-game house, requiring 63 Construction to set up, and comes with a huge amount of sofishticated things for you to play around with. The aquarium itself can house 14 different aquatic friends, ranging from the lowly trout to the mighty rocktail, with all your favourite lobsters, sharks, and even lava eels fin-between.

To add a fish, you’ll need to find their golden fish eggs, found randomly as you fish. There’s plenty of ways to increase your chances of finding them too, especially the new prawn ball, which is also the best way to get the fantastic decorations for your fishies’ home. We’ve got tiny versions of White Wolf Mountain and Vorago to name a few, and even some unique plugs in case you want to start all over again.

While building it up, you’ll dolphinately gain access to a bunch of great fishing perks, especially the brand new great white shark, which you can fish, cook, eat, keep as a pet, plaice in your aquarium and even turn into sushi. YUM. Plus, 3 special new cosmetic diver’s suits and a new piece of music for you to tuna in too.

There’s no catch… try it out… don’t feel gill-ty! Bad puns I know, but if you think you cod do batter, let minnow.

For more information, check out the design document on the forums and don’t forget, this great idea came courtesy of you, via the o-fish-al polls.

Vic the trader (members only)

Vic the Trader is back in April, opening his shop up for those willing to trade in their bonus XP for some cool loot. He’s got lots of the items you might have missed from Treasure Hunter like skill outfits and golem parts, or you can simply trade your Bonus XP for real lamps. We’ve made some changes to the exchange rates too, making them even more generous in places, and added a few new things too, like the great little mimic pet. Vic is only going to be here for a short amount of time, so go see him when you get the chance!

Event Tools Update (free and members)

It’s fun to spend some time wasting XP and playing around with your favourite JMods, but our old rotten potato tool wasn’t really giving us all the tools we wanted to get the most out of our super JMod powers. The DEVCOM team has managed to fix it up, making it far less rotten and much more awesome. In fact we’ve even added a few new ways to allow you to skill n’ chill.

How do you fancy lodestones that let you get to where the party’s at, straight from the world map? How about we place a few World Event style skilling nodes for you, so you can get a range of XP as you hang about asking questions? As you may have seen on the RuneScape TV stream a few weeks ago, we’ve been building some new event tools too, so this month you’ll be able to join a special JMod-run version of World Event 1, playing faction-based safe PvP for the honour of your favourite god, fighting or gathering for victory!

From Beta to Live (Members only)

We’ve got a few new things to try out on in beta, not least the new death mechanics we’ve been talking about on the forums and a new way of collecting loot.

All going well, the Legacy/EoC mashup feature should be making its way to the live game this month. This lets you to choose the combat and interface modes independently – for example, allowing you to run Legacy combat with the New Interface System, or Legacy interfaces with EoC. Thanks for the feedback you’ve provided on the features being tested on the beta servers so far.

BTS Video – Dimension of Disaster on Runescape

 RuneScape’s 200th quest is almost upon us! Mod Osborne and his team are here to take you on a tour of the Dimension of Disaster.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel – it’s the best way to keep up with official RuneScape Gold.

The RuneScape Video Team

Podcast – Quests Exposed

A myriad of mods join Mod Matthe in today’s quest-tastic podcast. Mods Rowley, Stu, Jack, Wilson and Raven all weigh in on how they build quests, what inspires them, and what quests they’d most like to add to the game.

It’s a long one, so part one is here to listen to now, and part two is coming tomorrow.

Listen on YouTube, or head over to PodBean or iTunes.

The RuneScape Community Team

Invention Dev Blog

Everything’s been quiet on the Invention front for some time now, so we’ve put together an Invention Dev Blog to bring you up to speed on this major skilling update.

Read on to find out why we’ve decided not to make Invention a skill of its own, how we see it benefiting existing skills, and when you can expect to see it in-game.

Join in the Invention discussion on the forums, too, and give us your thoughts on how Invention’s shaping up.

BTS Video – Easter Eggs-periments on Runescape

 We meet up with Mod Tim and Mod Ollo to see what’s going on in Easter Eggs-periments – the traditional Easter miniquest, coming next week!

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with all official RuneScape videos.


The RuneScape Video Team

Dev Blog – Update Size vs Frequency

If you haven’t already, check out Mod Pips’s dev blog on update size vs frequency. We’re interested to know if you like the way we update the game currently, or if you’d prefer that we offered larger, but less frequent core game updates, with more patches and ninja updates.

This is all speculative for the time being, and what we really need is your feedback. Head over to the forums now and have your say!

We’ll be running an opinion survey from the 31st of March, too, so watch the polls page for that next week.

You may also wish to read the Guardians’ dev blog on our plans for Invention, if you missed it last week.

Podcast – Dimension of Disaster

Listen to our latest podcast now on YouTube – all about Dimension of Disaster, featuring Mod Stu and Mod Rowley.

If you prefer, head over to PodBean or iTunes and find our podcasts there.

Questival Competition

The Community Team are running a competition to see who can earn the most quest points over this weekend. The winner will become the proud bearer of the Questival King/Queen title!

Win a Limited Edition Shadow Drake Pet With Runescape

This week, we’ve got a brand new community competition for you, where you can win a shadow drake – a limited edition legendary pet! can make you game easy, and also offer cheap runescape gold.

 If you’re our winner, you’ll decide the default name of the shadow drake pet, making your mark on RuneScape. You’ll also get one of the pets, along with two growth surge items, so you can unlock the beast’s full, ferocious size right away.

50 runners-up will also win a shadow drake of their own.

To enter the competition, all you need to do is think of the best name you can for your shadow drake and let us know. Post on the forums, tweet with the hashtag #NameMyDrake, or head to Instagram and comment with your chosen name.

The competition ends on Friday the 24th of April at 10:00 UTC, with the winners being announced and pets awarded on Monday the 27th of April. Get thinking, and may the best name win!

Player-Owned House Update From Runescape

 Dive into your very own aquarium in today’s player-polled Construction and Fishing update.

Pack it to the gills with fish from all over Gielinor and kit out its two floors with a huge variety of accessories, décor and nautical knick-knacks.

Introduce a prawnbroker and unlock perks aplenty: including baitless fishing; great white shark to catch, cook and keep as pets; and the ability to cook sushi: high-level food with additional restorative properties.

How to start


At 63 Construction, head to your player-owned house and click on a ground-floor door to build your aquarium. It spans two levels: a dry room on the surface, and the aquarium itself beneath. Note that this update brings a +1 increase to the maximum rooms available at any given level.

The surface room is traditional POH fare, containing hotspots that can be filled with decorative items, and some important functional ones. This is also where you’ll place the prawnbroker, who unlocks reward perks and controls various aquarium-related settings, and a diving suit, which unlocks resource harvesting options in the aquarium below.

Crucially, it includes the bathysphere, which allows you to add fish to the aquarium, and to head down yourself.

 The aquarium itself is a whole different kettle of fish: instead of hotspots, it’s a grid-based area where you can freely place the various available items. These include:

  • Harvesting nodes, yielding seaweed, kelp, pearls and other gems, planks – even elite clue scrolls – on a regular basis.
  • Large, decorative items which grant passive boosts to catch chance at fishing areas around the world.
  • Smaller, purely cosmetic decorations, such as cannons, coral, anchors and stone heads.

Plugs, which – when you’ve collected all the available fish for the aquarium – allow you to reset it. Meant for the most dedicated among you, this prestige option means starting again, but grants you decorative plug locations the first and second times.


From 20 Fishing, you will occasionally find a golden fish egg while fishing around the world. Using a golden fish egg on the bathysphere will introduce a fish of the type you were catching to the aquarium:

  • Trout
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Rainbow fish
  • Lobster
  • Leaping trout
  • Swordfish
  • Lava eel
  • Leaping salmon
  • Monkfish
  • Leaping sturgeon
  • Shark
  • Cavefish
  • Rocktail
  • Lobster and tuna concept

You will always receive the fish that you were catching when you found the egg, and you can only collect each fish once – unless you reset your aquarium with a plug.

Prawn Rewards

As you fish, you will occasionally receive prawn balls or prawn crackers, which can be opened for some fantastically fishy rewards. Prawn balls are opened solo, while prawn crackers are opened with a friend for a reward each.

Opening one grants you a reward from a special drop table, which includes prawn coins (consumables which temporarily increase your chance to fish up golden fish eggs), decorations for your aquarium, and – rarely – golden fish eggs for random fish that you don’t own, including any for which you don’t meet the Fishing requirements.

Once you’ve got a prawnbroker in your surface room, you can start acquiring prawn perks. You’ll get one of these each time you get a golden fish egg, and can get more as you acquire prawn balls or prawn crackers.

Each prawn perk unlocks a benefit or reward on the prawn perks progression tree, which can be viewed by speaking to the prawnbroker.

These include more frequent prawn balls and crackers, the ability to fish without bait, the ability to cook sushi, and a whole lot more.

The great white shark is a new addition to RuneScape’s marine wildlife. Once its prawn perk is unlocked, it can be caught at any shark fishing spot at level 80 Fishing; is available for your aquarium and as a floating, surface-world pet; and can be used in new sushi cooking recipes.

Note that – should you reset your aquarium with a plug – your prawn perk unlocks will not be reset, including your great white shark.

Have Fun!

There’s fathoms of fishy fun to be had as you build and fill your aquarium. Enjoy, and let us know your thoughts over on the forums!

Solomon’s Store – Vitality Suit

Get your hands on the all-new Vitality Suit – in stock now at Solomon’s Store!

This eye-catching new override outfit is designed to visually represent your health. As you lose life points, the luminous stripes on the suit will change from their original colour – your choice of green or blue – to a moody red.


Pick up the Vitality Suit now! If you need more Runescape Gold, you can redeem Bonds in-game, or purchase more via the website.

Star Citizen: Denotes an issue from the PTU that was fixed

As Cloud Imperium start figuring out the manned turrets for additional players on ships, this update brings the first iteration of the system on three of ships, the Super Hornet, the Cutlass Black and the newly released Gladiator.

The turrets can be used by players if “two players land in multiplayer Free Flight mode and then board a turret-equipped ship together”. This is a quick solution to test out the turrets but there will be an option via the menu at some point in the future which should make the whole process a little easier.

The patch update also comes with a slew of other fixes, changes and known issues which are as follows:



  • Fix to allow the ability to adjust virtual joystick curves and relative mode sensitivity
  • Fix for the public-facing “pp_rebindKeys export” command
  • Fixed an issue where the Warthog HOTAS had conflicting keybindings for landing mode and strafe right
  • Fixed an issue where the throttle would reset itself if a ship boosted before throttling up
  • Fixed an issue where the spectator camera would rapidly jump around if a dead character was the last client left in a match
  • Fixed an issue where strafing would break while traveling at max speed
  • Fixed an issue where Matchmaker would match more clients into a game mode than the instance allows
  • Fixed an issue where the game may crash when loading into a Multiplayer Game Mode
  • Fixed an issue where a combination of sprinting and shaking the mouse can cause the character to clip through a number of game objects
  • Fixed an issue where sprinting and jumping into walls will sometimes cause the character to fall out of the game world
  • Fixed an issue where players were prevented from connecting to a server
  • Fix for cockpit audio continuing to play after self destructing
  • Fixed an issue that could cause G-Force simulation to get out of sync with Black-Out/Red-Out visual effects
  • Fixed an issue where a client crash occurred after kicking a player from the lobby (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a client crash occurred when exiting to the hangar while in an Arena ** Commander game mode (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where crosshair elements of the HUD became stuck based on your starting position upon initialization (PTU)


  • Standardized look pose range of motion across all ships
  • Fixed missing audio for various ship HUD elements
  • Fixed an issue that caused the 300 series ships to drop out and back in when ejecting
  • Avenger can no longer equip the Tigerstreik to its wingslot hard-points
  • Fix for entering the back seat of the Gladiator playing the animation for entering the front seat
  • Fixed animations for entering the Gladiator (PTU)
  • Fixed Gladiator damage states detaching clean sections of the ship rather than showing damaged innards (PTU)
  • Fix for Gladiator’s landing gear remaining deployed while in flight (PTU)
  • Fix for inability to look up to aim in the Gladiator’s Co-pilot Turret (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where of the Gladiator’s primary thrusters will fail upon respawn (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the pilot retained control in the Gladiator when another player entered the manned turret (PTU)
  • Fix for the stuttering sound that played and persisted through respawn after ejecting from a Gladiator (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a Gladiator Co-pilot lacks functionality and can become stuck if the pilot ejects from the ship (PTU)
  • Fixed Gladius Ship Status Hologram from displaying corrupt textures
  • Gladius can no longer equip the Scorpion to its wingslot hard-points
  • Fix for inability to lock onto targets in the F7C-M Super Hornet’s Co-pilot Turret (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where a Super Hornet F7C-M’s co-pilot was able to shoot and kill the pilot from the co-pilot/turret seat (PTU)
  • Fix for the stuttering sound that played and persisted through respawn after ejecting from a Super Hornet F7C-M (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where seats in the back of the Cutlass were not animating when activated
  • Fixed an issue where the Cutlass pilot chair stayed centered after landing (PTU)
  • Cutlass landing gear is retracted while in the hangar (PTU)
  • Fixed an issue where the beds in the Retaliator could not be interacted with in the crew quarters


  • Fixed countermeasure active dialogue being fired on ship respawn
  • Fixed an issue where turrets could not be re-equipped after being removed from a ship
  • Fixed an issue where Tigerstreik bullet impacts were not causing bullet hole effects

User Interface

  • Fixed an issue where the ping value was not updating in DFM modes
  • Fixed an issue where score bar UI elements were displayed in Multiplayer Free Flight
  • Fixed redundant message spam after player death
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard REC column only appeared for Aurora pilots after

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Star Citizen: Single Player Mode Has Been Split Into A Massive Trilogy

As Chris Roberts’ incredible crowdfunded space-sim rockets went past the $78M funded barrier, the visionary creator has taken time out of development to provide an update on the currently in-development “Squadron 42” single-player campaign as well as the first-person-shooter module. The director touched on FPS weapon types, FPS Module inspiration, FPS non-player-character control and much more.


The update comes via Roberts’ latest “10 for the Chairman” episode, which is hosted on the official Star Citizen YouTube channel. The “10 for the Chairman” series sees Roberts answer 10 questions submitted by “Star Citizen” subscribers, providing valuable and in-depth info on the nuts and bolts of the game.

Roberts starts by telling viewers that the team is currently hard at work on the performance capture sessions for the game’s story-focused module, “Squadron 42.” As previously reported, Foundry 42, the development studio creating the single player portion of “Star Citizen,” recently hired former “God of War” director Todd Papy.

Roberts adds that the team has assembled an impressive cast for “Squadron 42,” which will make backers very happy, but he’s unwilling to share details right now, promising instead more information further down the line. He goes on to add that the “Squadron 42” story arc is so huge that the team has decided to split it up into a trilogy, referencing the manner in which “Wing Commander” was split.

“Squadron 42 Episode One” is scheduled for release this year, and Roberts says the release will include up to 70 missions. He added that these missions will be broken up differently than those found in “Wing Commander.” He went on to give the example of a mission that might see gamers to fly to a base, land, get into a firefight with pirates, take off and then engage in ship-to-ship combat.

Roberts said that all 70 missions in “Episode One” would constitute about 20 hours of gameplay, and he went on to tease “Squadron 42 Episode Two: Behind Enemy Lines” and “Episode 3,” which will launch in 2016 and 2017, respectively. He stated that each would be the equivalent of a new “Call of Duty” campaign.

Before moving to address questions about FPS Module weapons and armour, Roberts said he believes anyone who happens to be a “Wing Commander” fan will likely be very happy with “Squadron 42.” He closed by saying future episodes could abandon the military focus of “Squadron 42” and venture into rogue-like Han Solo-esque territory.

As noted by RockPaperShotgun, Roberts recently promised that the currently disparate modules that make up “Star Citizen” would soon start coming together. Spring 2015 will see the release of beta versions of the FPS module and the Planetside/Social Modules, while Arena Commander 2.0 arrives in the Summer with MultiCrew ships. In the Fall, the “Squadron 42” FPS module will see release, ahead of a planned end of year launch for the Persistent Universe Alpha for backers. The commercial launch of “Star Citizen” will occur sometime in 2016.

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